Our Story

Creating a lifestyle for the future

Our philosophy - What we are
Our philosophy is quite simple - It is centered on crafting products that are designed in-house with a strong emphasis on minimalist aesthetic appeal and quality materials. 

That is why any product we create, is crafted through direct collaboration with manufacturers, not distributors. 

This is because we care about our quality. 

Our Story - Who we are
Minimul Society began as a simple idea to create modern, minimalist bags that balances smart organisation and features for your everyday needs. 

Noticing the apparent desire for an everyday bag that was aesthetically appealing, but also one that was functionally lasting. With a small idea, a kick of inspiration, and a motivation to create and bring something unique and simple, the project has now progressed from an aspiration to a reality.

All of this, begins with a passion for drawing, a vision for creating and a goal to achieve.

Searching for the ideal bag that suited the everyday professional, materials were carefully reviewed and applied. 

After testing and sampling different prototypes of the bag, our first product, the Chunia duffle was made. 

One of our goals is to be transparent about where your product comes from. We like to do this by showing our sketches, design and materials. We do not believe in cheap materials, but rather seek a longevity and sustainability in what we create, by choosing quality hardware. 


As we are a small startup, our focus is to ensure the quality of our products are upheld on the designs we conceive them to be. 

We know that in this current retail climate, many online businesses simply focus on wholesale distribution and drop shipping of goods from the supplier without being able to control their quality or design. 

We do not follow that. We believe in delivering that quality to you. And we do this through careful collaboration with our OEM manufacturers and ensure that the product is finalised to the specifications we believe is right for you, as the customer. 

For us, our motto is "Function. Design. Style"

Sydney, Australia